Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Snus in Australia!

The information you can find about how to get snus in Australia all seem to be at least two years old. At least, that was the information I found when I desperately tried to find another way of getting it instead of ordering directly from Sweden.
There were some common suggestions, like that you can buy boxes at Nordic Fusion in Manly. Firstly, the store is now located close to the ferry. Secondly, you could buy snus there, but they stopped selling it two years ago.
The rules regarding snus in Australia have changed, which means that if you want snus, you need to order it from Sweden. The tax right now is $321 dollars per kilo. So if you order a ten pack you'll have to pay around 80 dollar in taxes. You will have to pay this tax when the snus reaches customs in Australia (they will send you a letter, and you can pay online).
But at least you can comfort yourself with that the actual price of the snus is tax free.
Also, you can't avoid the taxes buy having someone to send it over as a gift anymore unfortunately.
There is heaps of good sites to order from online. Just Google it and you'll get several alternatives.
Another common suggestion is that you might be able to buy it from the Swedish church in Sydney, but I don't have any information about that. I'm guessing that if it's possible, you probably can't get more than one box or so anyway.
I don't know anything about how it is in other cities in Australia besides Sydney though, but I would assume it's the same.
If anyone know more about this, I would love some comments :)